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            Drone photographer

            Cinema stage photographer

            Event photographer

            Food photographer

            Wandering exhibition




                                        Projet pilote 1 (Belgium)                                        Rec #1 (Italia)

                                             Rec #2 (Belgium                                               Rec #3 (Belgium)

           Petale (France / Belgium)

           Isodrome (France)

           Tour dogs (America)



  • Sports photographer 2005 - 2007-

  • Event photographer (Terre du son - Aucard de Tours -

  • Festival de Dour) 2005 - 2017 -

  • Workshops with homeless people organizes in a day care center. 2008-

  • Exhibition: Back in India in the cinema gallery Les Studios a Tours. 2008-

  • Organization of competitions and photo exhibitions as part of the Tours sur Loire festival. 2011-

  • Organise workshops in a imigrant center in Brussels followed by a participatory exhibition.-

  • Co-organizes workshops with young people from the Fontainas area in Brussels and creates a street art exhibition. 2013-

  • Invited by Brussel Creativ Forum to expose his work "Back in India" 2014-

  • Participatory workshops with Roma families in the frame of photographic research on the habitat.-

  • For the realization of his book "Rec" he launches participatory workshops in the world of prostitution   Brussels with 3 women of the trades. 2016-

  • Participate in the organization of the micro edition festival Culture Maison in Brussels. 2015-

  • Residence in the context of the micro edition festival Crack in Rome. 2016-

  • Invites to establish a residence in Kathmandu in collaboration with Art Lab. 2019-

  • Creation of several micro edition works presented during the Crack Festival of Rome,

  • Culture House a  Brussels in parallel with the collection Ultravnr. 2018-

  • Expected collaboration with Vice magazine for his work on Asia (forthcoming). -

  • Exhibition In Kathmandu in April 2019.

  • Residency in Essaouira followed with street exhibition

  • Residency and exhibition organize in Kang Plaeng cultural garden in (Koh Chang - Thailand)

  • Photo & video reportage for Sea Shepherd Asia and Ocean Quest. Coral saving training in Koh Chang (Thailand).

  • Collaboration with BB Diver in Thailand to record by photo then work underwater and on boats about coral protection.



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